S E L E C T ED C L I E N T S + P U B L I C A T I ON S   


S H O W S 


2019: “100” group show, The Steamship Project Space, London

2018: “Lilies in my brain”, Mad is Mad Gallery, Madrid

2018: " Palms, Deserts and Water", Almeria

2017: " Corazón de Robot" Mad is Mad Gallery, Madrid

2016: 'Life is Pink' Mad is Mad Gallery, Madrid

2016: : AAA: Group show- Garage VistaHermosa, Madrid

2016: Secret 7- Sonos studios

2015: 'Bells from the Deep' collective show Hundred Years Gallery, London

2015: Shortlisted  Coffee Art Project- Truman Brewery, London+ Amsterdam

2015:  Secret 7- Somerset House, London

2015: 'V13A' group show, Madrid

2014: “Cabl3 sTR33t “ collective show, London

2013: ‘Well Said” illustration group show, Rag Factory, Brick Lane, London

2012: ‘BI’ group show, Mother Agency, London